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STUDENTS MUST SHOW THEIR BUS PASS TO BE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL ON THE BUS. THEY ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE IT WITH THEM EVERY DAY. As traffic and other road conditions change each day, we strongly recommend that the student be at the stop at least 5 mins before the slated time. If the student is not at the stop when the bus arrives, the bus will not wait.
Do not, under any circumstances attempt to chase the bus with your vehicle. This is an unsafe practice and a hazard to you and all students on board the bus. Reported incidents will be dealt with accordingly and may result in loss of bussing privileges!

Bus Delays / Cancellations

Bus Delays / Cancellations

For enquiries regarding bus delays and cancellations:

All Brampton schools: (905) 857-7102
Except for BTS -10 & 11 Call : (905) 270-0561

Mississauga schools: (905) 270-0561

All Halton schools: (905) 335-7010 ext 0
Except for BTS -50 & 54 Call: (905) 270-0561



Learn more about the regional programs we support and safety tips to ensure you are doing your best to keep your child and yourself safe.

About Us


Our mission is to provide the most economical and efficient transportation for as many Regional Learning Choices Programs as possible thereby enhancing the school experience for those who take the step into higher and more diversified education.

About Bus To School

We specialize in providing school bus transportation services for the Regional Learning Choices Programs in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a convenient and cost-effective service for parents, while our students enjoy a sociable and safe environment on their journeys to and from school. Learn more!

Our Green Credentials

BTSP helps in reducing toxic gas emission generated by unnecessary car journeys and replacing them with high quality bus services. During the last year alone, we saved nearly 250,000 car journeys which substantially reduced the volume of emissions poured into the atmosphere. Learn about our initiatives here.

  • How does Bus To School determine routes and bus stop locations?

    Each year the bus routes are structured to accommodate the students enrolled in regional programs as per boundary defined by school boards to the best of our ability. Each school year the bus routes change and are based on the applications received before the application deadline. We will do our best to provide the closest and safest stop to each rider. Safety and efficiency are key considerations in creating the bus routes. We will strive to have a distance of less than 750 meters from the student’s home to the bus stop.