Safety Tips

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Statistics prove that students are at far greater risk of serious injury outside the school bus than they are while aboard. Whenever possible, reduce that risk by supervising children at and on route to and  from, their bus stops. There is simply no substitute for an adult’s vigilance. And please share this information with student passengers; it may one day save a childs life.

• Get to the bus stop in plenty of time so you don’t have to run
• Wait for your bus in a place that’s away from traffic on the road
• Bus stops are not appropriate places to push or wrestle with your friends
• Let the bus stop before you try to get on
• If you can touch the bus, you’re too close
• Remember if you can’t see the bus driver, then the bus driver can’t see you
• The driver will let you know when it’s safe to approach the bus
• Take the steps one at a time, holding onto the handrail
• Go right to a seat, and sit quietly, without blocking the aisle
• Listen to your bus driver, and obey any requests
• Leave the bus in single file, holding the handrail
• Walk away from the bus without running, and never go behind it
• If you have to cross the street to leave or board your bus, you need to be 10 giant steps away from the front of the bus. Watch for overhead red lights to flash, and wait for your driver’s signal before crossing