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Our mission is to provide the most economical and efficient transportation for as many Regional Learning Choices Programs as possible thereby enhancing the school experience for those who take the step into higher and more diversified education.

About Us

We specialise in providing school bus transportation services for the Regional Learning Choices Programs in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a convenient and cost-effective service for parents, while our students enjoy a sociable and safe environment on their journeys to and from school.

The school board does not provide transportation for Regional Learning Choices Programs and to avail benefit from these outstanding programs parents of students have to arrange their own transportation.

Bus To School Program, along with its operational partner First Student Canada has been running successful affordable busing services since 2002. As the largest service provider for school transportation in North America and the preferred choice by all school boards in Ontario, First Student Canada transports over 50,000 students every day in Ontario alone.

At Bus To School we passionately believe in providing our customers with excellent service every day. Parents are stress-free; knowing that their children get home safely and we do everything we can to ensure your experience with Bus To School is memorable – for all the right reasons. Our main focus is on making travel the easiest part of the day for a student.


Bus To School Program was founded with the sole mission to enhance the school experience for those students who take the step into higher and more diversified education. Bus To School Program is a product of the personal experiences of its co-founders. As parents of students who have and are attending regional programs in the GTA; we realize that a safe and efficient means of transport is one of the most important/key factors in the decision making process for any student/parent.

The birth of Bus To School Program resulted out of the need and desire to help children like ours who took that step into higher education. We wanted to help these children, to focus more on their education, and not on how to get to and from school. Bus To School Program takes the daily stress of transportation away from parents.

Green Credentials

Bus To School Program helps in reducing toxic gas emission generated by unnecessary car journeys and replacing them with high quality bus services. During the last year alone, we saved nearly 250,000 car journeys which substantially reduced the volume of emissions poured into the atmosphere. Our service enables parents and students to contribute to the green cause by using a safe and fun option for traveling to and from school. It’s a great way to help reduce green houses gases and global warming, which are important issues for our current and future generations. By travelling with Bus To School, you are taking part in something practical and making a real difference in helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Imagine what a school parking lot would be like if there were no cars lined up in the kiss and ride, and no children running through the lot putting themselves in danger just to make it inside before the bell. It’s not ideal for parents to be waiting in those lines before and after school everyday to pick their kids up from school. It has been said that on average, a human being spends about 2 or more years of their total lifetime in a car. The typical school bus replaces an average of 36 cars that travel 3600 miles a year transporting kids to and from school.

We all need to do our part in helping the environment. Do your part by sending your children in a school bus. Save space on the road, save bad fumes into the sky, and also save yourself some time, stress and money. Bus To School strives to provide cost-effective and efficient busing, while protecting the environment.

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